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The Predator – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

When I reviewed the film in September, I gave it a somewhat favorable review. Upon another viewing of the film, that score is going to lower a bit. A lot

The Predator Review

When Predator was released in 1987, it became an instant hit due to its unique mix of sci-fi and action elements. Unfortunately, Fox hasn’t been able to recapture the magic

The mask comes on in the official trailer for ‘Predator’

You are one ugly motherfu- oh, hi there! The time has come, fans of nostalgia; the official trailer to Shane Black’s The Predator is here! If you haven’t heard, Shane

Jake Busey joins The Predator to play son of Gary Busey’s character

Predator came out over 30 years ago, and Shane Black is working on the fourth installment of the film titled The Predator. Over the decades, we have had Predator, Predator 2, Predators,

Jake Busey joins Predator reboot

A new Predator film from 20th Century Fox and director Shane Black, simply titled The Predator, is in production and Jake Busey has been added to the cast of the

Benicio Del Toro is going to be in the new Predator movie? AWESOME!

We all know that Benicio Del Toro is a badass actor. He’s been in many spotlighted movies, won an Oscar, and most recently appeared on Guardians of the Galaxy and also

The Nice Guys Review

From Lethal Weapon to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Shane Black has been instrumental in evolving the buddy cop genre. After delving into the superhero genre with Iron Man 3, Black has

Go retro with this 70s-inspired animated short for ‘The Nice Guys’

It’s Throwback Thursday so it’s time to celebrate by watching this cool retro animated short for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys. The short certainly captures the cartoons of the 70s

Warner Bros. releases character posters for ‘The Nice Guys’

After releasing a hilarious trailer for Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, Warner Bros. released a set of character posters for the film highlighting the all the chic characters in the film.

Check out the final hilarious trailer for Shane Black’s ‘The Nice Guys’

Shane Black’s The Nice Guys is shaping up to be the comedic sleeper hit in a summer filled with action blockbusters. Each trailer provides a bevy of laughs, and the final

Gambit’s list of directors to include Joe Cornish and Shane Black?

The Gambit movie has hit a bit of a snag. Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), who was set to helm the film, left. Now we have

1 hour and 15 minutes was cut out of Iron Man 3

While Iron Man 3 has dropped slightly at the box office over the Memorial Day weekend, the film is still performing strong at theaters across the nation and has just

Sony Pictures confirms Shane Black to direct Doc Savage

Sony Pictures has announced today that Shane Black will be directing and co-writing Doc Savage. Shane just recently directed Iron Man 3, which now has the second-highest box office opening

Iron Man 3’s Shane Black has his sights on Death Note and Doc Savage

Iron Man 3 is definitely going to be one of Shane Black’s biggest movie projects. But what is he going to direct after that? He’s got some film projects he’s

The Mandarin is now ‘a student of warfare and ancient Chinese symbology’

It’s no secret that the Mandarin is going to be very different from his comic book counterpart in Iron Man 3. In the comic books, he’s half-Chinese and has many

Will Iron Man 3 have an end-credit scene, and what’s the Extremis Virus going to be like?

If there’s anything that the Marvel Universe movies have taught us, it’s that patience is a virtue when dealing with end credits. Fans who are patient enough to wait until

The Mandarin Won’t Be in Iron Man 3?

The Mandarin is one of Iron Man’s greatest villains. His magical rings of power is the perfect contrast to Tony Stark’s science. Sadly, it looks like we won’t be seeing

Iron Man 3 Needs No Help from Other Marvel Heroes, Will Be Like Tom Clancy Thriller

A reader from Ain’t It Cool attended a panel with Shane Black, the new director for Iron Man 3. He was a featured panelist at the Omaha Film Festival where

Shane Black Considered to Write and Direct ‘Iron Man 3’

It’s been a sad news that Jon Favreau has dropped out of directing Iron Man 3 because he is meshing well with Marvel Studios anymore. Out with the old and