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Capcom and Evo suspend Noel Brown for sexual harassment (video)

Capcom has come out with its official statement on the course of action it will be taking to punish competitor Noel Brown due to his alleged sexual harassment of a woman at

Cosplayer Luna Lanie speaks out about harassment at MomoCon

Update: MomoCon has responded to this issue. You can read their statement here. Cosplayer Luna Lanie had pretty high expectations for MomoCon this year, calling the Atlanta, Georgia convention her favorite

Reporter sexually harasses female game developer, apologizes

I’ve seen a lot of sexual harassment in my geek community during my time as an active member, but the example that was made public today blew me away. Reporter

Harassment in the nerd place: What can be done?

After every major convention or industry event, we are flooded with articles from men and women who witnessed or were victims of inappropriate conduct and/or sexual harassment. This year’s E3

Sexual harassment in the convention community: A personal account

Every now and then an article will pop up about sexual harassment in the geek community; we have all seen them. Be it harassment in online gaming or at conventions,