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Who will die before the season finale for Game of Thrones?

As the pace of Game of Thrones has picked up in this seventh season, it is inevitable that more and more players will be taken off the board in advance

New ‘True Blood’ season 7 trailer!

We have two months until True Blood returns for their final season! HBO has released a 35-second trailer concluding what is going to happen in Bon Temps. We were left

True Blood returns this June!

True Blood returns for its’ 7th and FINAL season on Sunday, June 22nd at 9pm on HBO. It will air 10 episodes. We were left off with a virus affecting

True Blood: 7th season will be their last…

HBO’s president Michael Lombardo announced today that this coming season of True Blood, the 7th season, will be their last season for the hit show. TRUE BLOOD has been nothing