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Smite Down: Season 3 Update

Get ready, folk, because Smite is about to hit season 3, and it’s hitting hard with god balances, new skins for gods and joust, and throwing out some of the

Interview with Freddie Wong on Video Game High School’s final season

Nerd Reactor got Cory and I a one-on-two with Freddie Wong himself, and we got a little insight on the upcoming third and final season of the awesome web series,

Sherlock: Season 3, episode 3: ‘The Last Vow’ review

*This post contains spoilers* What a way to end the season! This episode hits ALL the emotional spots in your body. If it did not, I have to declare you

Huge return for Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere (spoilers)

No doubt that everyone is amped with anticipation over the 3rd mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. With the release date just around the corner rumors are beginning to spread over the

Tyreese confirmed for Walking Dead mid-season finale!

Samuel L Jackson: “Hold on to your butts…” We are just a few days out from the dramatic mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 3. For the last seven

Tyreese joins the cast of The Walking Dead

Big news coming out of The Walking Dead camp today. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that The Wire’s Chad Coleman will join the rest of the cast as the one

NR Podcast: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

In this intense new episode of The Walking Dead, Merle and a few of The Governor’s henchmen are hot on Michonne’s trail. Rick still struggles with losing Lori and receives a very interesting phone