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Scandal World Tour 2015: Hello World coverage

Almost four years after their previous Anaheim concert back in 2011, Scandal is back! Performing at the House of Blues to round off their North American world tour destinations, Scandal

J-rock band SCANDAL comes stateside

One of Japan’s biggest rock bands, SCANDAL, is officially setting its sights on the rest of the world with its “Hello World” tour, which is going to be touring across

AM2 Hosts Japan’s Most Powerful Girls Rock Band Scandal

AM2 was lucky enough to have SCANDAL, the world’s most powerful girls rock band, as guest of honors. It has been three years since they have been in America, and

AM2 Announces 2 Additional Musical Guests

Just hours after Anime Expo announces their first musical Guest of Honor, Kalafina, AM2 Con announces 2 new additions to their own Musical Guest roster.   SCANDAL, a Japanese pop