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Ronda Rousey wants to play Samus in a Metroid movie

It’s no secret that UFC fighter and actor Ronda Rousey is also a gamer, known mostly for playing World of Warcraft and Pokemon. In an interview with GameSpot for EA Sports UFC 2, Mat Paget

Video Game Vixens Burlesque this Friday in Los Angeles!

Courtney Cruz is back! Yes, I am entertained by performance art and dancing, so you can imagine I adore movies like Black Swan and Moulin Rouge (among the popular titles).

Samus joins Link with the Metroid Other M: Samus Aran Figma

Last week we showed you the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Link Figma, a fully poseable Link figure made for Zelda fans. Well Link wasn’t the first Nintendo product released

Zero Suit Samus Figurine

Max Factory has answered our calling, and will be creating a Zero Suit Samus and a Figma figure. These figures are based on Metroid: Other M. Zero Suit Samus is

Cosplay Babe Jessica Nigri as Samus Aran in Her Zero Bunny Suit

Jessica Nigri is one of the hottest, if not THE hottest, cosplaying babe out there. She has updated her Facebook fan page with new photos of her as Samus Aran