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Nintendo Cyber Deals for the holidays are here

It’s the Holidays so its time to pick up any of those hit game you may have missed earlier this year and get them for an even better deal. From

Interplay offering IPs for sale

As soon as you read that name, I’m willing to bet that the first thought that hit your head was, “Why does that name sound so familiar?” Well, if you

Official: Steam Summer Sale Next Week!

So once again, the dreaded – yet much anticipated – Steam Summer Sale is almost upon us! So as it states, the sale begins on the 23rd, so you’ve got about less than

EA’s Infinite Gaming Sale

As to not be outdone by Steam’s usual summer sale, EA has jumped the gun by unveiling its “Infinite Gaming” Sale. By looking at the list just at the start,

Steam 2016 Summer Sale date leaked?

So a screenshot found on reddit earlier today may have solidified when this year’s team sale would take place: So, of course, everyone’s scrambling to get their wallets out to

Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale

These Steam Sales are getting more frequent as time has gone by! Of course, it’s hell on our wallets, but it’s great for any gamer’s library. Just as a quick

EA’s ‘Zomboss Invasion’ sale

With Fallout 4 just a couple weeks away and a plethora of goodies before then, EA surprisingly has joined in on the excitement hype train and decided to have a

Guild Wars 2 is 75% off until Monday!

If you’re in the mood to have another PvP ruin your social life and prior commitments, look no further than Guild Wars 2! In all seriousness though Guild Wars 2

Steam celebrates 10 years of 2K with a massive sale!

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of 2K games, Valve has teamed up with the publisher to offer some amazing deals for some pretty rad games. If you’ve been living

Nerdy Deal of The Day: ($779) Lenovo Y40 i7-5500U, R9 M275 4GB, 512GB SSD

Another week, another deal. If you’ve been in the market for a new laptop, this is your lucky day! Lenovo has a promotion currently with a special $100 off coupon on

Nerdy Deal of the Day: PAX East Newegg Sale – i7 Gaming Laptop for under $1,000 and more

With PAX East just around the corner (March 6-8), Newegg is giving us some sweet savings on top-notch gaming laptops. If you’re in the market for peripherals or gear, this

Nerdy deal of the day: Get a $1500 laptop for only $999 on Amazon

I know this segment has been MIA for a little while but this was just too good of a deal not to share with you guys. We’re all trying to

Capcom’s publisher weekend Steam sale: 50-70% off top titles

It’s the weekend! This means everyone who hasn’t been absolutely occupied with Destiny will be online and decimating Dreg by the millions. For those who’ve already burnt out grinding heroic

Steam’s Summer Sale has begun!

Prepare your wallets, people. Steam’s Legendary Summer Sale has begun! And the best part of all of this? The Flash Sales have returned! As a little extra incentive, they’re continuing

Steam Halloween Sale, your wallet must be terrified

At least it isn’t pumpkin spiced. While most Halloween sales include either stale candy or aromatherapy candles (which you’ve been forced to endure for the entirety of October), the highly

Nerdy Deal Of The Day: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Digital Camera

A good photo can immortalize memories for the rest of your life. We here at Nerd Reactor know the importance of a fine camera and understand just how important that

Nerdy Deal of The Day: COOLER MASTER N200 MicroATX Computer Case ($22)

Nerdy deal of the day here, peeps. Today we’ve got a nice Cooler Master small form factor desktop case. The reason I am featuring this case is that it’s one

Nerdy Deal of The Day: Soul by Ludacris SL100 Ultra Dynamic On-Ear Headphones ($50)

Alright nerds and nerdettes, who needs new headphones? Today we’ve got yet another deal from the Microsoft store. This time we have the: Soul by Ludacris SL100 Ultra Dynamic On-Ear

Nerdy Deal of The Day – The Google Chromecast HDMI ($35)

So maybe you’ve heard of it or have even been salivating over yet another Google product. To sum up, Google Chromecast, is another smart TV substitute solution. Chromecast allows you

Nerdy Deal of the Day – Nokia Purity by Monster Premium On-Ear Headset ($50)

So who wants to pay $200 for headphones? I know I don’t. Fortunately as reviewers we have the privilege of trying out most products before we decide on expensive purchases.

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