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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell musical trailer has fans divided

Check out the new trailer from the Saints Row 4 standalone expansion, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. This one’s a bit different, since it completely takes the series into

Saints Row IV’s $1 Million Edition…yep!

I’ve seen people spend ludicrous amounts of money for some weird stuff and virtual items. But Deep Silver decided to just keep going with the LSD train of wackiness of

Saints Row IV will free America and the whole f***ing planet

Get ready for a very patriotic trailer for Saints Row IV, with narration by Keith David (Gargoyles). The trailer shows off a lot of action, aliens, space battles and text-based

Square’s ‘A Realm Reborn’ Preview Event

Well, this night was something else! A couple NR members and myself were lucky enough to be invited to Square Enix’s “Reborn” event, where we had a chance to see

Saints Row IV gets a movie-like dramatic trailer

Here’s a pre-E3 trailer for Saints Row IV that acts more like a dramatic movie trailer. When the world is is threatened by an alien invasion, it’s up to the