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SacAnime 2016: Recap and Cosplay Music Video

SacAnime 2016 was an amazing event, as usual, and the Sacramento cosplay community was out in full effect. A major thank you to all of those who took time away

SacAnime 2016: John DiMaggio lends some real truth for future voice actors

  Sacramento may be one of the most unsuspecting cities in the U.S. (aside from being the fourth hippest city in the nation), but things are moving for the small

SacAnime 2016: Day one cosplay gallery

SacAnime is back once again, getting fans to come out and show their love and passion for video games, anime, manga, TV, movies and everything else nerdy under the sun.

E-40 Choices (Yup) Cosplay Parody Rap Video

Nerd Reactor and Videogame BANG! were at SacAnime last month and the Sacramento Cosplay community showed up in full effect! We were able to cherry pick some of our favorites

Cosplaying for the first time at SacAnime’s 2015 winter show

Time stood still as the flashing lights surrounded us. Everyone focused their undivided attention upon us while we held a strong pose. Grunting as our childhood dreams came to fruition,

Sacramento gets a Mighty Morphin’ SacAnime

Geek culture is riding high all across the United States, but Northern California has seen a large growth in the geek culture movement. Home grown NorCal conventions like Stockton Con

SacAnime 2015 Cosplay Gallery

Wow! SacAnime came storming into 2015 with their first major event of the year, and the Sacramento cosplayers represented in full effect. Each SacAnime seems to raise the stakes with

Terrene Odyssey, a party-based card combat game

Sacramento Anime Convention (SacAnime) exposed me to new things this year, and one of them was a card game called Terrene Odyssey. It’s a party-based card combat game with a battle system based on

Weekend BANG! Episode 45: SacAnime & Epic Yaya Han Story

The Weekend Bang has made its triumphant return, and we know you missed it. Sir Aaron Carter is back in full effect with tons of information about SacAnime. Cory V,

Incredibly terrifying Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy The Pirate cosplay

If you’re walking around the exhibit halls of SacAnime this year, watch out because lurking on the showroom floor is Five Nights at Freddy’s very own Foxy The Pirate. This incredible costume

Interview with Assassin’s Creed voice actors Cas Anvar and Amber Goldfarb

SacAnime has come and gone this year in California’s capital city (A full recap of the event can be found here). One thing that SacAnime did that was a first

SacAnime 2014: Men of Anime panel

SacAnime had a lot of panels this past weekend, and the Men of Anime panel was definitely one of my favorites. It had some big names in voice acting for anime/games/cartoons. Voice

SacAnime 2014 Photo Gallery

Well SacAnime 2014 is over, but the memories of the show will live on forever. On behalf of Nerd Reactor and Videogame BANG!, we had our photographer Elizabeth Vincent patrolling

SacAnime 2014 creates nerd hype for the city of Sacramento

Despite popular belief, neither Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco are the capital of the great state of California. To find the true capital you actually have to look

Weekend BANG! Episode 30: SacAnime 2014

Sir Aaron Carter here with an all SacAnime episode of the Weekend Bang! Cory, Jada and I had the pleasure of going to one of the biggest convention right in