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Fortified: Save Earth in 3rd-person tower defense RTS (game review)

‘Fortified’, from Clapfoot, is a third-person shooter meets tower defense meets RTS mashup that has you saving the world from aliens set in a 1950s metropolis. Armed with cold war era

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm – It’s about time!

At last, the long awaited expansion pack to StarCraft 2 is here! It’s Heart of the Swarm! If there’s one thing Blizzard does and does well, it’s hype. From the

Blizzard’s Heart Of The Swarm: Global launch party detected!

Love Starcraft 2? Enjoy partying with fellow fanatics Hive Mind style? Well on March 11th Blizzard will be holding its global launch party in 9 locations across US, France, Australia, South