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GJS Robot brings new FPS and AR experience to CES 2019

GJS showcased its new GEIO immersive robotic experience at 2019’s CES in Las Vegas. By bringing a unique type of gaming using smart visual recognition technology and a high-speed motion

5 best companion robots of CES 2019

One of the big trends at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show was the ever noticeable presence of robots on the showroom floor. As a kid growing up, I always wanted

Rise short film has sentient robots fighting for their rights

Man’s fascination and fears with robots have existed for decades. The thought that a robot can become sentient and turn on their masters have been the subject of many films and

New robot social group wants Mars first

After it was reported that Mars contained water, there had been several groups clamoring about its possible habitability. In the next coming years, our scientists are already strategizing ways to

Evolution of robots in film (infographic)

Check out this really cool infographic of the evolution of robots in film by WebHostingBuzz. The image features robots spanning from the ’20s all the way to the present including C3PO,

ASIMO is back and better than ever!

It feels so long ago when Honda first unveiled their little robot that stunned the world. After Honda’s amazing demo, it seemed like it would be no time at all before everyone

The future is now: German pole-dancing robots

Somebody give me a dollar or a microchip or something? Do you think they also take SDD cards? There is just no limits to the wonders that science can create

Disney creates interactive Robot that can play catch

It’s no secret that Disney has always been at the cornerstone of innovation, or should I say Innovention? Huh?! Get it?! Ah, never mind. Anyway, I found this really cool

First look at the giant robots of Pacific Rim

One of the big movies that really wowed fans at this year’s Comic Con was Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Footage that was shown at the infamous Hall H shocked