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Sony to produce Robotech movie franchise

It looks like it’s finally happening! Back in February, we wrote an article stating that a live-action Robotech movie could be in the works. According to the folks over at

Nerds of the Round Table #3: Valentine’s Day Edition

The Nerd Reactor gang talks about the many DC shows (The Flash, Arrow, Gotham), upcoming DC shows (Titan), live-action Robotech movie, Netflix’s The Legend of Zelda series and Valentine’s Day

Current sci-fi space vessel size chart includes all your favorites like Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Doctor Who and more

A week prior, several news/blog websites had posted an impressive compilation of starships from various sci-fi franchises. The image was announced by Kirk Hamilton over at Kotaku on September 25th, 2013.

If fans made this Robotech trailer, imagine what Hollywood could do

Before Transformers, there was Macross/Robotech. Even though Macross wasn’t the first to introduce us to transforming mechs/robots (that honor goes to Brave Raideen), it did make transforming mechs popular. Toby