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Five reasons Roberto Orci shouldn’t direct Star Trek 3

With the announcement of writer Roberto Orci as Star Trek 3’s director, many Star Trek fans (or as I liked to be called “Trekkie”) are a bit disappointed in the selection.

Roberto Orci set to direct Star Trek 3

There have been lots of rumors about who will be directing Star Trek 3 since JJ Abrams left to direct Star Wars VII. We can now confirm that screenwriter and producer,

Sony announces Venom, Sinister Six and Spider-Man 3 films

Hats off to Marvel for starting a beast. Now every major movie studio wants to expand their universe with what comic book properties they have the rights for. Warner Bros.

Star Trek Into Darkness screenwriter gets mad and flames Trekkies

Star Trek Into Darkness did well at the box office and was well-received by critics. However, it wasn’t well-received by a lot of Star Trek fans (including our Trekkie writer).

Star Trek 2 – Five Things JJ Abrams Would Say

As action packed, energized, mysterious, insatiable, and alien-like JJ Abrams may be, his movies are quite calm and humanizing. You’d think that with all his success he’d call a quits