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Resistance 3 digital soundtrack available now

Our friends over at Sumthing Distribution have given us the heads up that the Resistance 3 soundtrack is now available for purchase. It sounds intense, brooding and triumphant. It’s a

8-Minute Resistance 3 Campaign Video Is on a Boat! No, Really!

Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ about. This new video of Resistance 3’s single-player is almost as real as it gets, except they forgot their flippy floppies. The campaign will

Resistance 3 Demo Exclusive to Playstation Plus Members

If you live in Europe, the only way you’re getting access to the Resistance 3 demo is through Playstation Plus. On the other hand, US citizens can get the demo

Insomniac Games Community Day 2011

Whether its All 4 One with the new Ratchet & Clank or every man for himself with Resistance 3, Insomniac Games had put together an awesome community day this year.

Get Your Face in Resistance 3

If you’d like the whole world to see your mug in Resistance 3, now is your chance. Sony is asking for applicants to upload a photo of themselves “…in the

Five Minutes with Resistance 3 Multiplayer

Yes, for now that’s all the time you’ll get via Youtube footage. In this video for Resistance 3’s multiplayer, highlights include: a bubble shield being used for cover, an ability

Insomniac Games & iam8bit Presents Community Day 2011: A Chance to Play Resistance 3 and More

Insomniac Games has announced Community Day 2011. It’s going to be held on Tuesday, March 29th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. With the help from iam8bit, the event

VGA’s Tease Us with a Taste of Highly Anticipated Upcoming Games

So this past Saturday night, the VGA’s took place and with it came many teasers of some high profile games that have yet to come out.  We previously covered the