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Resident Evil: Revelations Collection puts horror in your hands (Switch review)

Capcom is slowly getting on board with the Nintendo Switch. After its success with Ultra Street Fighter II, it has now ported over both Resident Evil: Revelations 1 & 2 to

Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 to have unique features on Switch

In case you missed out on Resident Evil: Revelations, do not fret because it recently came out on PS4 and Xbox One last month and will be coming out on the

Resident Evil Revelations PS4 review

There are many games that came out on portable systems that I wished came out on consoles as well. The Resident Evil franchise has seen great success, so branching onto

Resident Evil: Revelations heading to PS4, Xbox One and Switch

Earlier this year, Capcom announced the HD port of Resident Evil: Revelations making its way to current-gen consoles. Since releasing on the 3DS, Revelations made its way to the PlayStation 3,

Resident Evil: Revelations developer would ‘love to’ continue the series as a spin-off title

As part of their celebrations for Resident Evil’s 20th anniversary, Capcom has released a new retrospective video on the Resident Evil: Revelations series. The video features producer Michiteru Okabe (Resident Evil: Operation

Resident Evil: Revelations horrifies Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3, PC on May 21st

Capcom released two Resident Evil titles on consoles in 2012, but arguably the one on 3DS is the one that fans of the series were really content with. Sticking with

Resident Evil Revelations review – A return to survival horror?

Guest writer Colin Sum takes on the Resident Evil Revelations 3DS game. By Colin Sum So, has Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS stayed true to its series origin

Resident Evil: Revelations launches today on 3DS with a new trailer

Though Resident Evil: Revelations was released in Europe on January 27th, we Americans are just getting our shot at it today. If you own a 3DS, chances are that you

Resident Evil: Revelations 5-Minute Trailer (Massive Spoilers)

Resident Evil: Revelations – Psalm 360p, Verse 5•Minute Trailer (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

‘Resident Evil Revelations’ Date Revealed and Pre-order Exclusive

Capcom has announced the release date for Resident Evil Revelations, the Nintendo 3DS game. You can expect the game to come out on February 7, 2012. The latest trailer had

Cleavage Babe Gets Gutted in Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

There was a teaser for Resident Evil Revelations that featured the buxom babe by the name of Rachel with bangs covering both her eyes. Not very practical for investigating if