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Composer Olivier Derivière talks Capcom’s Remember Me OST (Interview)

Capcom’s Remember Me is already out, and if you’ve played it, you may have noticed the unique soundtrack attached to the game. You can thank composer Olivier Derivière for the

Capcom’s Remember Me releases today and gets a launch trailer

Capcom’s Remember Me has just been released today, and below is the launch trailer for the third-person action adventure game. Remember Me takes place in the year 2084 in Neo-Paris.

Capcom’s Remember Me will show you the power of recording memories

In the Capcom’s Remember Me, a new technology will be able to exploit memories. Memories can now be recorded digitally, thanks to the Sensen device, and they can be sold, bought,

It’s time to fight with Capcom’s new Remember Me trailer

Check out the latest trailer for Capcom’s Remember Me titled “It’s Time to Fight”. The trailer features the main protagonist, Nilin, as she fights against enemies and Memorize, a corporation

Publishers are still saying we can’t have female protagonists in video games

Remember Me is an action-adventure futuristic game starring a female protagonist named Nilin. It’s being published by Capcom and developed by Dontnod Entertainment. Creative director Jean-Maxime Moris shares with Penny Arcade

Capcom’s ‘Remember Me’ gets a new trailer and release date

Remember Me is a futuristic action-adventure game that puts players into the role of Nilin, an amnesiac “memory hunter” who is now trying to recover her own memories. Capcom has

Capcom’s Remember Me gets a bunch of new screenshots

Capcom just released a bunch of new screenshots from the press tour for Remember Me, an action adventure game that puts you in the control of Nilin, a “memory hunter”