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Redbox to raise prices in December

It’s that time again when internet service companies are raising prices, and this time it’s Redbox. The rental service will increase pricing for rentals¬†that includes Blu-rays, DVDs and video games

Redbox to Raise DVD Price this Monday

800,000 subscribers ditched the online rental giant, Netflix, after the whole fiasco of separating its streaming and DVD-by-mail services and hiking up the price for the streaming/DVD combo. Now it

Redbox to Increase Video Game Rentals to More Locations

Right now, we have 5,000 Redbox kiosks all over that are offering video games to the consumer with over a million games rented to date. With these numbers, it would

Redbox to Start Renting Games…That’s Crazy!

Yes it’s crazy; crazy like a fox! Redbox, the movie rental service, have announced that they will be entering the game rental market. They have been running test markets since