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Love Actually ‘sequel’ set to premiere on Red Nose Day

Love Actually, the It’s a Wonderful Life for the millennial generation, has always had an outsized influence relative to its box office success. Although the film was a surprise hit, grossing

Even villains can be nice on Red Nose Day

I’ll be the first to admit that if I saw actor Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones’ Ramsey Bolton) on the street, I’d probably start pummeling him in the face while

Red Nose Day: The Cast of Orange is the New Black remakes Reservoir Dogs

In a digital short for NBC’s Red Nose Day, the ladies of Orange is the New Black do a makeover to Reservoir Dogs called ‘Reservoir Bitches’, Their hilarious take on

Game of Thrones: The Musical starring Peter Dinklage for Red Nose Day

NBC is hosting its first Red Nose Day tomorrow with a three-hour TV special with superstar actors, comedians, and musicians, sketch comedy, parodies, and musical performances. One of the sketches

The Doctor on Comic Relief 2013

The Doctor (Matt Smith) made a special appearance on Comic Relief 2013’s TV Special – “Red Nose Day“. Comic Relief is a UK based charity fund raising money for the