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The Walking Dead 8×03 ‘Monsters’ recap – “[Redacted] dies”

Of course, in The Walking Dead world, redacted can be ANYONE. Well,  anyone except Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, and Carol. But, we thought it was a catchy title. The Walking Dead’s

Game & Talk Ep. 52: Nintendo Direct 9.13.17 Recap

Thanks to last week’s Nintendo Direct, my dreams of putting B.J. Blazkowicz on a Nintendo episode of Game & Talk have finally been realized. After going into some non-Nintendo news

AMC’s Preacher keeps momentum going with second season opener (recap & review)

Last year’s debut of the epic AMC series, Preacher, took many people by surprise! From its genius mix of cheeky writing, no holds barred action, and no shortage of scenes

Outsiders 2×11 ‘The Run’ recap & review

Review: What an intense episode of Outsiders for every one of our characters! First things first… Haylie’s death?! When I first saw the episode, I wasn’t sure if it was

Game & Talk Ep. 29: Nintendo Switch Recap

The long-awaited Nintendo Switch presentation happened last week, and we have a lot of opinions on it. You can consider me and Alan Nintendo fans since we have ours pre-ordered,

The Walking Dead “The Cell” recap and review

Who are you? The one question that will show your allegiance, but also proves that he is everywhere. By slowly breaking down the people who follow him, Negan has shown

From Dusk Till Dawn 3×10 ‘Dark Side of the Sun’ Recap and Review

We’re finally here—the finale. And it certainly ends with quite a bang. So Rambers, let’s get rambling! —— It starts with a flashback (?) The Gecko’s scout, waiting to rob

From Dusk Till Dawn 3×05 ‘Shady Glen’ Recap/Review

Welcome back, Ramblers! We’re already halfway through the season and finally with the gang officially back together (minus Kate who’s possessed by Amaru and Santanico who’s MIA), the plot is

From Dusk Till Dawn 3×03 ‘Protect and Serve’ Recap/Review

Hey there, Ramblers! With a two-hour premiere last week, we are already a third of a way into From Dusk Till Dawn season three. The Gecko Brothers are on the

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 premiere ‘Monster’ recap & review

Recap As the night rages on, Los Angeles lies before them in a sea of fire and destruction by the bombings. Travis and Madison are making mad dashes to and

Take an Orphan Black refresher course before the season 4 premiere

Orphan Black may be one of the greatest shows on television right now, but that honour comes at the cost of it also being one of the most confusing. This

Outsiders 1×09 ‘Trust’ recap

Recap The mountain men are playing some games in front of Big Foster’s home. They begin to roughhouse until Big Foster sees Asa come to his home. He reprimands them

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Among Us Hide’ Recap

The episode two weeks ago left us hanging with an unknown body, seemingly Andrew, laying in a pool of blood as the building exploded. Since we didn’t see his face, there

From Dusk Till Dawn 2×06 ‘Bizarre Tales’ recap & review

By Jes Vu Hope you aren’t too worn out, ramblers! We’re over half way through From Dusk Till Dawn. Appropriately titled ‘Bizarre Tales’, this episode (in showrunner Carlos Coto’s directorial

From Dusk Till Dawn 2×02 ‘In a Dark Time’ review & recap

By Jes Vu One of the things I have been excited about this season is the further exploration of Mesoamerican mythology and the show immediately dives right into it. Carlos,

The Returned 1×2 ‘Simon’ review

Quick Recap This episode was focused on Simon – Rowan’s almost fiance – who died the day of their wedding. We learned from their past six years ago that Rowan

Salem Season 1 Episode 10 ‘The House of Pain’ (recap)

It begins with Increase Mather torturing himself and talking to God. It’s creepy. Stephen Lang, damn. He should win an award for Creepiest Bad-Ass Character. The girls who killed Emily’s

Salem Recap: ‘Our Own Private America’

We were left off with Reverend Cotton and John Alden fighting off zombies, Mary Sibley’s new apprentice Mercy Lewis kills witch Rose off, witch-servant Tituba getting jealous of Mercy, and Anne

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Game of Thrones is finally back, and no one died…in the first 5 minutes! So let’s talk about season 4 episode 1, shall we? We all know it was going

NR Podcast: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

In this intense new episode of The Walking Dead, Merle and a few of The Governor’s henchmen are hot on Michonne’s trail. Rick still struggles with losing Lori and receives a very interesting phone

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