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Real Steel Coming to Blu-ray in January

DreamWorks has just announced that Real Steel will be heading to Blu-ray and DVD on January 24, 2012. We definitely recommend watching this fun flick (Check out our Real Steel

Real Steel Cast On What to Expect From the Sequel

A few months back, yours truly, was treated to an advanced screening of the upcoming robot boxing action flick Real Steel. We were also fortune enough to have some One-on-One

Interview: Hugh Jackman on Real Steel, Small Jobs and Wolverine 2

So we had a chance to interview Hugh Jackman, who’s playing the main lead in Real Steel, a robot boxing film. The movie is surprisingly good, which you can check

Review: ‘Real Steel’ Rocks and Socks ‘Em

Ever since playing Wolverine in X-Men, Hugh Jackman quickly became one of my favorite actors. Looks like others agree too, as we can see him in every single X-Men movie,

Hugh Jackman Gets Harassed by WWE’s Dolph Ziggler

Can’t a guy just promote a robot fighting movie without being harassed by a United States Champion? That’s not the case on last night’s WWE RAW. Hugh Jackman came in

Real Steel Theatrical Trailer: A Father, Son and Robot Tale

We’ve got two big robot movies this year, the first one being Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and the second one being Real Steel. One movie has robots duking it