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How aboot going to ReactorCon, eh? A Canadian in Los Angeles tale

A great sense of accomplishment coursed through my veins this past November. Nerd Reactor hosted our very own convention, ReactorCon, and to call it a success would be be putting

ReactorCon 2012 Photo Gallery with Cosplayers

Just when you thought the ReactorCon coverage has settled, we come out to bring you even more photos. ReactorCon was our first geek convention, and I hope to see you

ReactorCon 2012 Photo Gallery

Nerds, nerds, nerds! It was a nerdful weekend when we held our very first ReactorCon this past Saturday at the Frank & Son Collectible Show. It was a fun event

CosCast 45: ReactorCon 2012

Join the CosCast team as we head to ReactorCon 2012, the first convention by Nerd Reactor. We’re coming at you live from the event. CosCast host: Joey Rassool, Jordan Brown,