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Ratchet & Clank Review

With Angry Birds The Movie, Warcraft, and Assassin’s Creed coming to theaters later this year, most forgot that Ratchet & Clank was coming out this year too. It makes sense as Ratchet & Clank doesn’t

Voice actors James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye talk Ratchet and Clank the movie

What’s a movie or game without some great voice actors to bring the characters to life? It’s not often we get to see voice actors in games return, especially after

Ratchet and Clank movie interview with director Kevin Munroe and producer Brad Foxhoven

During the Ratchet & Clank movie panel at WonderCon, we saw a few new trailers for the upcoming movie as well as the announcements of some of the voice actors including Rosario

Actress Bella Thorne talks Ratchet and Clank

After chatting with producer Brad Foxhoven and director Kevin Munroe, we got some time with the lovely Bella Thorne who talked about joining the series as an all new character for both the movie

Check out heroes Ratchet & Clank battle it out in their exclusive trailer

With the increase of video games to movies, PlayStation has taken their iconic game Ratchet & Clank and turned them into a CG-animated movie. Our heroes must stop a vile alien named