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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker musical

Zelda…I mean Link…has a musical parody featuring her…I mean his exploits and adventures. From the team that brought you Assassin’s Creed The Musical, check out the new musical parody inspired

The console war between the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U gets a musical

In one corner we have the PS4, and in the other corner we have the Wii U. With the Xbox One launching today, the console war between the next-gen consoles is

The Pokémon professors get their own song in this music video

Check out the latest Random Encounters Pokémon music video dedicated to the professors. The song is appropriately titled “A Pokémon Professor Song” and features popular YouTubers like JWittz, NateWantsToBattle and

Batman meets his end as his enemies sing in this Batman: Arkham Origins musical parody

Batman has been a thorn on many of his archrivals’ sides. Now it looks like they have Batman cornered and are ready to end his crusade…by singing. Random Encounters has

Eevee Pokemon does a sultry song number

If there’s one thing the Random Encounters guys love, that’s Pokemon. And if you dig Pokemon and musicals, then this should be another video right up your Pokeballs (catch it!).

Portal gets a Valentine’s Day song

Today is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate that than to watch Random Encounters’s tribute video, “Companion Cube: A Portal Love Song.” Yes, even the Portal Companion Cube

This is what happens when Tetris blocks are left alone

You really can’t leave a Tetris blocks alone together. Sooner or later they’re going to be fighting each other or making babies. What next? Singing Tetris blocks? Random Encounters has

Batman and Bane become best friends and ‘His Ride Isn’t a Car’ parodies

AwesomenessTV and Random Encounters have each released their own parodies for The Dark Knight Rises, which hits theaters on July 20th. These should definitely get you guys hyped up for

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure: The Musical

I have never heard of this 3DS game, but it just came out on Tuesday, July 10th. Hey Sega, if you wanted someone to advertise for you, you should’ve teamed

The Magikarp vs Pikachu musical

The Magikarp may be the most useless Pokemon, but at least it’s getting some love in this musical by Random Encounters. Well, at least it’s being featured.

Assassin’s Creed Turns into a Disney-like Musical

Random Encounters (Pac-Man the Musical, Angry Birds the Musical) is at it again with another video game musical parody, this time targeting Assassin’s Creed. It’s very reminiscent of Aladdin, especially

Angry Birds the Musical Hates Green Pigs (Yes, They Really Do)

From the guys that brought you the Pac-Man and Dead Space musicals, Random Encounters has produced another video game musical, this time featuring Angry Birds. Why are the birds angry?