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5 gruesome comic book deaths

Comics have been a big part of my childhood and adult life. I own hundreds and have read them all. Reflecting back, there have been deaths in most of the

The Punisher arrives in new Daredevil photo

Netflix’s Daredevil paved the way for Marvel by introducing to fans that it can deliver a dark and gritty series. Now season two is currently on the way and we

What? Marvel’s Moon Knight is coming to Netflix too?

A lot of fans know who the “Dark Knight” is and that’s Batman. However, the general comic book movie/television audience have probably never heard of Moon Knight. The easiest explanation

Jon Bernthal to play The Punisher in Netflix’s season 2 of Daredevil!

The Walking Dead is one of the most successful comic books to hit shelves, and when they created the television show, its popularity only kept rising. One of the show’s

Marvel Studios could be prepping these other shows for a Netflix release

I’m going to get right to the point here and say that Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series was a complete landslide in positive reviews. Even Netflix doesn’t want to give a proper count

Charlie Cox wants Punisher in Daredevil season 2

Daredevil is now available on Netflix, and the show is considered by many the best live-action comic book series by far. In fact, Marvel already announced that a second season

Will Spider-Man make additional cameos all over the MCU?

The latest news of Spider-Man finally appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe pretty much exploded through the Internet like a firestorm. I’m actually still reeling from that surprise announcement by

Marvel’s Daredevil full trailer is now online

It’s here! After a long wait for any type of idea how the Netflix series is going to look, the Daredevil full trailer is up online. Charlie Cox, who stars

Thomas Jane makes a Punisher fan film

It takes Thomas Jane, the actor who played the Punisher, to make a fan film about the Punisher. If only more actors started doing fan films like this. Just imagine