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Today only! 80+ PlayStation games on sale for $1

Sony is holding a Flash sale right now and over 80 different games are on sale for just 1 dollar. Hours and hours of entertainment, they range from PS1 classics

Sega PSP permanent price drops includes Sonic and Valkyria Chronicles II

It’s a good time to time to own a PSP, PSP Go and PS VIta. That is if you are a Sega fan. Today Sega price dropped a few of their

PSP Digital Comic Store is closing

One sad day PSP readers are not looking forward to is October 31st. The PSP Digital Comics store has only been alive for a couple of years now, but this

Grand Knights History currently in limbo after being canceled by XSEED

Not too long ago, Atlus announced they were going to publish Dragon’s Crown instead of Ignition Entertainment and were going to have in house developers assist in working on the

Sony Cuts PS3/PSP File Sharing, Activate Your Two Systems Now

If you weren’t aware of it before, and would have taken advantage of the opportunity, I’m sorry to inform you that previously it was possible to share a single download

Fate/Extra Releasing November 1, 2011

Back during Anime Expo 2011, Aksys games made a huge surprise announced they would be releasing Fate/Extra, the first Type moon game ever in the US. The RPG based off

God of War: Origins Collection Demo Out Now

God of War – Origins Collection demo is now available for download with Plus members, and for all on September 6th.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is US and Euro bound thanks to NISA

It was announced a few months ago that Nippon Ichi Software America had a deal with Imagepooch that would localize titles and release them for America. This was also around

Some PSP Games to be Playable on PS3, Also Remastered in HD

Finally we’re all going to be able to play some of those great PSP games that we just couldn’t get our hands on (for lack of a PSP, of course).

NISA Announces 3 New Titles for 2011: Atelier Totori, Cladun X2 and BLEACH!

Nippon Ichi Software America has just announced 3 new titles along side Disgaea 4 that will release in 2011. First up is the sequel to last year’s Atelier Rorona titled

Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Review

Published by: NISA Available now   NISA sets out again on the island hoping tactical RPG Phantom Brave, following the tales of a young Chroma named Marona young girl who

Your Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Cover Art

Here is the American covert art for Dissidia 012. As you can see this time, Square Enix has both Cosmos and Chaos side on the front and you can even

Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 (Doudecim) Alignment Surprise

Coming out next month is the next chapter in the battle of Heroes of the Light vs. Chaos, Dissidia 012. New characters include Lightning, Tifa Lockheart, and Laguna to help

Lord of Arcana (PSP) Review

Lords of Arcana Square Enix Available on the PSP NOW! The latest title from Square Enix Lord of Arcana is made for the Playstation Portable and is an action game

Parasite Eve ‘The 3rd Birthday’ to be Released in March

Square Enix has confirmed the release date for the Parasite Eve spin-off game, ‘The 3rd Birthday’ to be March 29th of this year.  The PSP exclusive title will retail at

Giveaway: Win an Auditorium PSP Game

Zoo games bring us the latest contest for all the nerds out there with Cipher Primes’ Auditorium for the PSP. We have 3 download codes for the PSP download of

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Trailer

Japan has always released a Final Mix version of all the Kingdom Heart games which include a few new bosses, extra scenes and a hidden ending which ties in to

Aeris in Dissidia 12

She was killed of by Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII and even in death she helped saved the world twice. Now she joins Final Fantasy Dissidia 12 alongside Tifa and

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!

Out Now for PSP and on PSN NISA Prinnies have always had it tough. They are always at the bottom of the hierarchy, the lowest of the low and nothing

Knights in the Nightmare Review (PSP)

Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) Publisher: Atlus Out Now Price: $29.99 Originally released on the DS, Atlus brings back the full time strategy title Knights in the Nightmare to the

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