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Refunds for ‘No Man’s Sky’ offered on Steam, PSN, and Amazon without playtime restrictions

No Man’s Sky was, to many, a disappointment. Thanks to almost three years of irrational hype and the absence of features that were advertised to be there from the start,

Manhunt and Bully to be re-released to the Playstation Store

About thirteen years ago a Playstation 2 game was released that “shocked” the United States media. If you’re thinking Grand Theft Auto then you just swung for the ball and missed.

PS4 survey regarding PSN ID change, PS2 games and custom backgrounds

PlayStation has sent out a survey asking users about important features they would want to see in the next upgrade. It was shared by NeoGAF user Saint of Killers, and

Tons of Square Enix titles 50% off on PlayStation Store

This week’s PlayStation Store update included a huge sale coming from Square Enix featuring up to 50% off of dozens of games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable/PlayStation Vita. PlayStation

PlayStation Plus Subscribers: April’s list of free downloadable games

It’s April and you know what that means for Playstation Plus Subscribers? It means that they get a whole new set of downloadable games for your Playstation Library! Sony has been

Today only! 80+ PlayStation games on sale for $1

Sony is holding a Flash sale right now and over 80 different games are on sale for just 1 dollar. Hours and hours of entertainment, they range from PS1 classics

Spotify is coming to the PS4 and PS3 this spring

If you love music, then Spotify is one of the best music services out there. It’s free and allows you to listen to the music you want on your PC

PSN members get 10% discount and 5-day extension

Due to the Christmas PSN downtime many people, including folks from NR, were not able to play online during the Christmas holiday. Sony was not the only one affected by

PlayStation Network goes down again

Here we go again. Reports are coming in that just around 10pm PT the PlayStation Network has gone down and gamers have not been able to log into the service. Some

FBI investigates PSN and Xbox Live attack

It was a terrible Christmas for many gamers out there. Those who wanted to play online using their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 were very much out

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are powerless against DDOS Attacks

Around 12:30 am pacific time on Saturday, PlayStation’s official support page released an update saying that the network service was gradually going back online across all Sony platforms. Sony is

PlayStation Network and Xbox down on Christmas, entrepreneur pleaded to attackers

Christmas day is a day where kids and adults are excited to open gifts. A lot of them will be getting a brand new console like the Xbox One or PlayStation

PlayStation Plus tops Xbox Live with free games in 2014

Here’s some interesting info that just came to light. Gaming news site Push Square compiled a list of the all the games PlayStation Plus had released for free during the course

Hacker group says it caused the PSN login error

I was trying to play Grand Theft Auto V online with my friends yesterday, but I was met with PSN connection errors. As it turns out, a hacker group is claiming

MegaMan X4 and MegaMan X5 to arrive on the PlayStation Network next month

Capcom will be adding MegaMan X4 and MegaMan X5 to the list of PlayStation One classics next month. MegaMan X4 will arrive on September 2nd and will include anime cutscenes,

Towerfall Ascension, Strider, Dead Space 3 and more free for PSN Plus in July

Are you ready for another announcement of free games on PSN Plus? Of course you are. For the month of July, PS Plus members will get a total of 6

Idea Factory bringing Monster Monpiece over to the West

Not your typical game in anyway, Idea Factory plans on releasing the PlayStation Vita card game, Monster Monpiece, over to the West and Europe in Spring 2014 via the PlayStation

‘rain’ is now available today on PSN

If you’re into artistic and beautiful games like Shadows of the Colossus, Ico, Flower and Journey, then rain is definitely another game to check out. It’s now available today on PSN

2D fighter Chaos Code now available on PSN

When looking as to whether or not one should get the fighting game Chaos Code, now finally released in NA on the PS3, you have to ask yourself a series

Black Rock Shooter The Game coming exclusively to the PSN April 23

Back in 2011 NIS America announced that they had signed a partnership with Imagepooch to bring games over to North America and Europe. The exciting part was that Black Rock