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Get another chance to get the PS4 and Xbox One at Walmart

Walmart is offering the consumers a second chance at acquiring the PS4 and Xbox One when it launches. Starting Saturday, August 24th, the store will open its doors to the

One man’s take on the CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer reveal

So as you may recall, earlier this week the new Call of Duty: Ghosts mutliplayer trailer was revealed. My personal opinion was “meh”, and other gamers have slightly more negative

Microsoft wants to ‘introduce’ to you the Xbox One…again…

Guys! Hey guys! Guys! Listen, guys! It’s the Xbox One and it’s finally here!!! Wait – wasn’t it already here during E3? According to recent news, Phil Spencer, the VP

Prediction says Xbox One will outsell PS4 3-to-1 despite negative publicity

Microsoft and the Xbox One have been shooting themselves in the foot these past months with disastrous PR moves, but despite the negative press and the gaming community lashing out

Nyko readies for two-screen gaming with the Smart Clip

While the portable 3DS and DS revitalized the twin-screen scene, publishers and hardware manufacturers seem to be more than happy to take advantage of that option for home consoles. The

The Evil Within, can Shinji Mikami scare us again?

The Evil Within crept into my E3 2013 schedule, allowing me to see the developers play through a small section of the game. What would the man, Shinji Mikami, who

Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch date revealed by accident?

When Sony did the E3 media briefing, they revealed the design of the PlayStation 4 console and some exciting upcoming games. The thing they didn’t reveal was the release date

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag multiplayer impressions (E3 2013)

One of the most anticipated games of 2013, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag features an amazing Caribbean world to explore. While creating an amazing experience in the single player mode, the

Square Enix uses a Phoenix Down at E3 2013 with unveils including Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15

Since the Super Nintendo days, I’ve always been a fan of Squaresoft. With the merger of Enix back in 2000, I never had any doubt that the company would make

Need for Speed Rivals & NFS Movie!

At EA’s press event, not only did we get a new NFS Rivals trailer, but we also got a look at the Need for Speed movie as well. Breaking Bad’s

PS4 online multiplayer requires PS Plus service

It might have been something you missed if you watched the press conference since you were excited about the console reveal and game line ups, but it has been confirmed

Sony teases with a blurry PS4 console

It looks like Sony wants to eclipse the Microsoft next-gen Xbox conference tomorrow by releasing a new teaser for the PlayStation 4. We really can’t tell much about how the

Developing Watch Dogs for the PlayStation 4

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be available for all the major consoles, but I’m looking forward to how it is going to look on the PlayStation 4. Sony has released a

Bungie’s Destiny to have exclusive content for PS4 & PS3

It’s funny to think that a Bungie game would be available on a Sony console. It’s also funny to think that a Bungie game would have exclusive contest just for

‘Killzone Shadow Fall’ PS4 gameplay video

Killzone Shadow Fall was announced for the PlayStation 4 during the PlayStation Meeting 2013 conference. With that announcement, we were also shown gameplay footage showing off a beautiful futuristic city

A closer look at the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4

Love it or hate it, here’s a closer look at the PlayStation 4 controller, the DualShock 4. It’s just like the DualShock 3, except it comes with some new additional

Watch the ‘Future of PlayStation’ live streaming here

We’re all pretty excited here to see what Sony is planning for the future of PlayStation, and it’s not just us. The video gaming community is anticipating Sony’s next move,

PlayStation 4’s backwards compatibility, and PS3 and Vita price cuts?

The hype machine for Sony this week is going off the charts, especially with Sony presenting something very special on February 20th in New York. What can we expect, or

Inside the next-gen PlayStation console, the Orbis

Rumors are inevitable when it comes to predicting what’s going to be featured in the next-gen consoles for both the PlayStation 4 (Orbis) and Xbox 720 (Durango). In the latest

Sony’s PS4 ‘Orbis’ rumored to not have backwards compatibility or play used games

A few days ago, Kotaku released details that a new PlayStation was on its way soon and that its codename was “Orbis.” Reports have also stated that the system might