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Prototype 1 and 2 re-released on Xbox One/PS4 through the Biohazard Bundle

Surprise! Activision and Radical Entertainment have quietly (emphasis on “quietly”) released digital remastered editions of Prototype 1 and 2 on the Xbox One last night with a PS4 version on the way

Prototype 2 live-action trailer and ‘Pack Leader’ ability video

The first Prototype game was a lot of fun. From the makers of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Radical Entertainment went all out in creating a big world for gamers to mess

New Prototype 2 Bios Introduce The Villains

  Prototype 2 is only a few scant months away, and Activision and Radical are making sure people take notice of what they’re going to be getting themselves into. They’ve

‘Prototype’ Comic Coming Soon with Dark Horse Comics and Radical Entertainment Collaboration

Dark Horse Comics and Radical Entertainment, the team behind Prototype 2, will be joining forces to release the Prototype digital comic series. It will fill in the story on what

New Prototype 2 Video Has Alex Mercer as the New Bad Guy

Check out the behind-the-scenes video with the developers as they talk about Prototype 2 and give us a glimpse of the storyline. In the last game, Alex Mercer becomes very

VGA’s Tease Us with a Taste of Highly Anticipated Upcoming Games

So this past Saturday night, the VGA’s took place and with it came many teasers of some high profile games that have yet to come out.  We previously covered the