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SDCC: Magic: The Gathering announces exclusive zombified Planeswalkers

Well, better late than never! Wizards of the Coast and Magic: the Gathering has finally announced its San Diego Comic-Con exclusives for 2016. In years prior MTG has delivered some

Top 10 SyFy Channel Ads

If you’re a fan of science fiction then you are likely familiar with the SciFi Channel. And though, everyone has their favorite SciFi Channel “era”, it should be noted that

Can’t wait for R.I.P.D? Adult Swim’s got you covered!

If you’re the type of person who enjoys Jeff Bridges in well…anything…and can’t wait for R.I.P.D. to come out, Adult Swim released a backstory for Bridges character, Roy. Granted it’s

The Walking Dead season 3, episode 10 promo and photos!

AMC has issued out some promo photos and two clips from the next episode of The Walking Dead, “Home“. The episode is about: The group is preparing their next step.