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Nikkei Claims ‘Cafe’ Has Touchscreen Controller

Can we now relax, finally knowing that Project Cafe does indeed have a touchscreen interface? Well, almost. Nikkei is claiming that the successor to the Wii throne has a touchscreen,

Nintendo Will Stream Its E3 Press Conference Live

Not everyone can go to E3, but luckily, the internet is a great alternative. Nintendo is making it just a little bit easier on everyone by announcing that they’re going

Video Leak of The Wii 2?

Eurogamer has just posted up an interesting video on their website. The video is a private presentation of Nintendo’s Project Cafe. In the video, slides of the controller specs are

Rumor: Project Cafe Has Only 8 GB of Internal Storage, Discs are 25 GB

For as long as I can remember, Nintendo has always done things to prevent their systems and games from being pirated. For the Nintendo 64, they opted to use expensive

Nintendo Will Build Up Third-Party Support for Wii’s Successor

Even with the Wii being as well sold as it has been, it has arguably the worst total system sales to quality third-party support ratio in the history of video

Shigeru Miyamoto Shoots Down Project Cafe?

Shigeru Miyamoto, the almighty voice of Nintendo and power of a thousand suns, has spoken recently to French site, Gameblog, about “Project Cafe”. I have taken liberties to alter some