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Predator – 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

We may know of the Predator as the galaxy’s most dangerous hunters. However, as you watch begin to watch the film, it doesn’t seem like a sci-fi film. It seems

Jake Busey joins The Predator to play son of Gary Busey’s character

Predator came out over 30 years ago, and Shane Black is working on the fourth installment of the film titled The Predator. Over the decades, we have had Predator, Predator 2, Predators,

First set photo for upcoming The Predator movie revealed

If you’re excited for the new Predator movie to release, then you’re in a for a treat! Photographer Jarrod Au just recently posted an interesting pic from the set of The Predator. And

Jake Busey joins Predator reboot

A new Predator film from 20th Century Fox and director Shane Black, simply titled The Predator, is in production and Jake Busey has been added to the cast of the

Benicio Del Toro is going to be in the new Predator movie? AWESOME!

We all know that Benicio Del Toro is a badass actor. He’s been in many spotlighted movies, won an Oscar, and most recently appeared on Guardians of the Galaxy and also

50 Cent to join The Predator movie?

A new Predator movie from director Shane Black (Iron Man 3) is coming. and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is hinting that he might be in the film. This was first

Shane Black reveals new Predator image and possible title

Shane Black is attached as the writer and director for the upcoming Predator movie. The director has said that he will continue on with the mythology by not making it

Live for the hunt: Man at Arms makes Predator blades

The time for hunting Xenomorphs is now upon us! The guys over at Man At Arms: Reforged have created one of the most beautiful killing devices in cinematic history: Predator’s Retractable

The Predator joins Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is going all out on its special guest fighters. Recently it was revealed that Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th film series will be a combatant,

SacAnime 2015: Panel with Peter Cullen – More than meets the eye

For those of us lucky enough to have grown up in the ’80s and ’90s, we spent many Saturday mornings watching cartoons. There were almost so many to keep track

Halo’s Master Chief motorcycle helmet

It seems like NECA is going for the major wow factor for their collaboration with Microsoft by creating a Halo motorcycle helmet based on Master Chief’s headgear. NECA is not the first to

Iron Man 3 director to reboot Predator

People can’t get enough of the Predator films. The last one we got was titled Predators starring Adrian Brody (my favorite scene being the Yakuza vs. the Predator scene). Now it looks

Review: Crazy4Cult – Cult Movie Art 2

“And I can conclude that I was almost certainly thrilled by the idea that so many talented artists seemed to like the same shit that I like.” And that was

NECA reveals exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con (Kick-Ass, Predator, Jason, HeroClix)

NECA has just announced four exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re a fan if Kick-Ass, Predator, Marvel/DC HeroClix or Friday the 13th, then these collectibles should be right up

Halo Spartan vs Predator, who will win?

No really, who would win? The Spartan has the armor capabilities, but Predator has the active camo and the element of surprise. In all honesty, I’d say they’re fairly even.