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Jump Force pre-order bonus and collector’s edition and release month

Jump Force pre-order bonuses and the Collector’s Edition have been revealed. The pre-order bonuses include Frieza’s hover chair, which can be used while in the lobby, and three exclusive costumes:

GameStop’s first wave of Nintendo Switch pre-orders have sold out

GameStop has been pushing the Nintendo Switch hard since it was announced in October 2016, and even more so closer to the Switch Presentation on January 12th. The weekend after

Nintendo Switch pre-orders start tomorrow, here is what we know

Nintendo will be holding a presentation on the Nintendo Switch in just under an hour from now (11PM EST/8PM PST) which you can watch here. Many questions will be answered

Amazon begins pre-orders for Battlefield 1 Xbox One-S bundles

  Alongside the release of Battlefield 1, it appears that we are going to be receiving a new bundle for the game. Posted on Amazon’s online store, there are two

Wildstar to release June 3rd, pre-orders begin March 19th, NDA lifted

And here it is! The announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Wildstar is to be released on June 3rd (not during finals like Guild Wars 2) and can be pre-ordered

Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition and Collector’s Edition announced

Rockstar Games has announced Grand Theft Auto V will have 3 versions: Normal, Special Edition, and Collector’s Edition. The pre-order will start today and last until September 17th or until

Witcher 2 Dark Edition already sold out in US

  Want to know how hype gamers are getting for the coming Xbox 360 release of The Witcher 2? So hype, that the special editions of the game sold out

Pre-order Indie Royale’s Valentine’s bundle before V-Day

  Whether you’re looking for ways to forget about being single on one of the more dreadful holidays of the year, or just looking for an excuse to get some

Lollipop Chainsaw pre-order options has something for everyone

  If you’re a fan of pre-order shenanigans, alternate outfits, or both, Warner Bros. Interactive has got all your bases covered. They’ve just recently revealed all of the delicious options