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E3 2015: Running Man meets Portal in Attractio

While taking a tour of Namco Bandai’s behind closed door areas, I got to play many of their upcoming titles like Naruto SUN 4, Godzilla, and even the new Sword Art

Watch the incredible fan-made short ‘Portal: Survive’

A new live-action Portal short popped up online today. The new fan-made video comes from YouTubers Colin and Connor. The short was shot at Youtube’s famed Space LA. The film

5 reasons to take interest in ‘Pacific Rim’

I should mention that I am not a fan of Japanese Kaiju films. I don’t have anything against them really, but as a fan of monster movies, they didn’t really

3A + Valve = Portal

3A the company that brought you Metal Gear REX and the upcoming Metal Gear RAY. They will also be bringing you Atlas and P-Body from the Portal franchise. Those lovable

Poker Night 2 Review

Think you can handle some high stakes poker? Once again Telltale Games has outdone themselves with the sequel to 2010’s smash hit “Poker Night at the Inventory”, where you, “The Player”, go up

Portal gets a Valentine’s Day song

Today is Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate that than to watch Random Encounters’s tribute video, “Companion Cube: A Portal Love Song.” Yes, even the Portal Companion Cube

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to bring Half-Life and Portal to the big screen

J.J. Abrams is quite the busy man isn’t he? Currently he’s finishing post-production on Star Wars Trek, then it’s onto Star Trek Wars: Episode VII. Now Variety’s Marc Graser is

Del Toro confirms intentional Portal reference in Pacific Rim

There’s no doubt that the first official trailer for Pacific Rim peaked a lot of people’s interest. What’s not to like about giant robots battling out with humongous monsters to save the

Portal Iron Man: The suit is not a lie

Check out this amazing Portal Iron Man artwork by artist Sean Walsh. His friend came up with a concept art, and he decided to make a fine piece of artwork

New user-friendly Portal 2 level editor teleports to PC, Mac May 8th

Are you a bit puzzled about this news? You might be if you had already been using Valve’s first level editor offering for Portal 2, the “Authoring Tools“. Valve got

Portal 2 Merchandise Is Here Including Turret Plushie

Valve and ThinkGeek have teamed up to give us nine new Portal 2 products including a turret plushie with sound, Wheatley LED flashlight, cookie cutters, Cave Johnson talking portrait, and


With Day 1 done Day 2 started out great, I saw the Portal crew cosplay. They did a good job on this cosplay. And this day had lots of really

Portal 2 DLC Will Be Available This Summer

Portal 2 has been receiving a lot of praise since its launch and rightfully so. The much anticipated sequel has meet the hype and may have even done the impossible……..surpassed

This Portal 2 Turret Plushie Only Shoots Cuteness

Normally it’d be creepy to know that your plushies can see you, but in this case it’s the lovable Portal 2 turret (we’ll make an exception for this one). Industrious

There’s a Portal Up My Butt

In celebration of the release of Portal 2, and umm Mortal Kombat, Mega64 has released a new video about portals being stuck up the ass. If I had an ass

Watch Portal 2 Ad Created by Valve

Doug Lombardi, head of marketing for Valve, was badmouthing ad agencies, saying that they were worthless. He was tired of them pitching the same ideas or copying other ideas. So

This Portal Hoodie Is Not a Lie

There are some hardcore Portal fans out there. Every time I wear my Portal T-shirt in public, fans would shout out, “The cake is a lie!” Well, prepare to be