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Watch the incredible fan-made short ‘Portal: Survive’

A new live-action Portal short popped up online today. The new fan-made video comes from YouTubers Colin and Connor. The short was shot at Youtube’s famed Space LA. The film

Claptrap <3 GLaDOS: A ship is born

The new trailer for Telltale’s Poker Night 2 just recently jumped onto the internet. The game is shaping up to be a fine release with big name characters like Ash,

Del Toro confirms intentional Portal reference in Pacific Rim

There’s no doubt that the first official trailer for Pacific Rim peaked a lot of people’s interest. What’s not to like about giant robots battling out with¬†humongous¬†monsters to save the

New user-friendly Portal 2 level editor teleports to PC, Mac May 8th

Are you a bit puzzled about this news? You might be if you had already been using Valve’s first level editor offering for Portal 2, the “Authoring Tools“. Valve got

Winners Announced for Portal 2 Plush Turret and Diablo III: Book of Cain Giveaway

It’s that time again to announce the winners of our latest giveaways, the Portal 2 Plush Turret and the Diablo III: Book of Cain Hardcover. The winner of the Portal

GLaDOS Drops “Want You Gone” Music Video

Coming off of GLaDOS’ new album, Confessions: A Psychotic A.I., Aperture Records has just released a new music video for the hot single Want You Gone. The video was directed

VALVE is Giving Away the ‘PORTAL 2’ Soundtrack for FREE!

    As if VALVE needed to get any cooler, now they are offering Volume One of the Portal 2 original score called “Songs to Test by,” absolutely free! The

The Rated E Game That Offended Someone

According to 1Up, a North Carolina man and his adopted daughter were offended, well the father mostly, on some of the insults that GLaDOS and Wheatley hurls at Chell. Neal

Portal 2’s Authoring Tools Now Available for Your Level-Creation Needs

One of the best things about Valve games is that they have an extremely long life after release. Portal 2 has just got its extension via the official Portal 2

This Portal 2 Art Will Warp You to the 70’s

Holy teleport power, Companion Cube! That is some sweet visual splendor from the sector of artist Tristan Reidford. We salute you, good sir. You’ve done all of nerd-dom a favor

Portal 2: Ratman’s Final Transmission Decoded

One of the many Easter eggs hidden inside Portal 2 was the Ratman’s dens. Upon finding his last den, players were able to receive Ratman’s Final Transmission. Not until recently

Portal 2’s First DLC Out This Summer. Free for All Platforms

There are a few new details about Portal 2’s DLC. One that I think everyone will be interested in is the fact that it will be free for PC, Mac,

Portal 2 DLC Will Be Available This Summer

Portal 2 has been receiving a lot of praise since its launch and rightfully so. The much anticipated sequel has meet the hype and may have even done the impossible……..surpassed

This Portal 2 Turret Plushie Only Shoots Cuteness

Normally it’d be creepy to know that your plushies can see you, but in this case it’s the lovable Portal 2 turret (we’ll make an exception for this one). Industrious

Hey, There’s an Interactive Super 8 Trailer in Portal 2!

Who would have thought that hidden with the new Portal 2 was a interactive trailer for the new film Super 8? Shortly after the games release, reports began to pop

iPad Gets Exclusive Portal 2 Making Of

So, you’ve beaten the game and mastered the co-op mode. What next? Well, for starters you could learn all kinds of interesting facts about Portal 2, the game that is

There’s a Portal Up My Butt

In celebration of the release of Portal 2, and umm Mortal Kombat, Mega64 has released a new video about portals being stuck up the ass. If I had an ass

Valve Uses Portal 2 to Push Potatoes ::UPDATE::

Aperturescience.com is the latest in a series of viral sites created by video game creators to hype up their games. Does it fail? Yes, yes it does. Does everyone remember

Is Half Life 3 Being Held Back by Steam?

Valve is asked, “When will Half Life 3 be released?”, all the time, and developer Stardock’s CEO, Brad Wardell, thinks he has the answer to why it’s taking so long.

Nevermind the Humans, Aperture’s Boots Protect the Portal Gun

Aperture’s Cave Johnson is back again, and this time he’s brought boots. Sometimes your human test subjects are going to be doing dangerous stunts and you need to protect your

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