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COAL Catalyst portable charger with 3-headed adapter cable (review)

Smartphones are getting more powerful, and with more power comes more battery usage. To keep your phone on while you’re out and about, portable chargers have been the answer to

Nimble portable battery charger review

Nimble is a new player in the portable battery charger world, but the company is headed by people who are not new. It is looking to make some changes by

MOS Reach Go: The portable charger that charges everything

We’ve all had that moment of panic. We get to our local coffee house and realize that our laptop is going to die, but there are no seats near plugs.

Cheero Energy Plus 12000mAh review

We’ve all attended a work function or social event and at some point hear the pitiable cry of, “Does anybody have a charger?” Overestimating battery life and losing the use