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Netflix faces boycott over Dear White People

Keeping track of all the recent boycotts can be mind-numbing, but there is currently a movement to cancel Netflix subscriptions over the planned upcoming series Dear White People. The new

The one ‘Let It Go’ political parody to destroy your love for the song

Parodies are easy to make, easy to find, and easy to make fun of. Politicians are also easy to find, easy to make fun of, and they apparently find it

Korea to pass a law making video games taxable similar to alcohol, tobacco and drugs

Well this is new. It’s a sad day to see such a direct attack on the profit margins from video games by the government of a country which had arguably

China to lift ban on gaming consoles

After a lengthy ban that has lasted for more than a decade, China is now lifting the ban to allow companies to sell video game consoles within the country. However,

X-Men: Equality and social responsibility

In 1993, I began reading comics while in the fourth grade. I had picked up two issues in particular Spider-Man: Revenge of The Sinister Six Part 6 and Uncanny X-Men

VP Biden to meet with movie & gaming representatives on gun control

Vice President Joe Biden, on a mission from President Barack Obama to find ways to help improve gun control, is making plans to meet with several different groups on how