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Pokken Tournament DX announced for Nintendo Switch

Fans of Pokemon and fighting games found themselves content once Pokken Tournament released on Wii U last year. Fortunately for them, the game did not die along with the system. It was just

Two new fighters added to Pokkén Tournament arcade

The Pokkén Tournament scene has been relatively quiet in North America. In Japan, however, the arcade version has been seeing plenty of updates including new playable Pokémon. A few months back Bandai

Pokken Tournament Pikachu Pro Pad coming May 7 as GameStop exclusive

Before the release of Pokkén Tournament on the Wii U, Japanese accessory company Hori released a Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad. It was made to give players the arcade look and feel of

Pokkén Tournament warns rage quitters with penalty

“Quitting in the middle of battle is rude to your opponent, and you’ll suffer a Penalty..” Those are the words you get when you first jump online in Pokkén Tournament from the in-game

Official Pokkén Tournament controller available on Amazon

While Pokkén Tournament still doesn’t have a solid release date in North America, fans looking forward to the Wii U-exclusive Pokémon Fighter can already pre-order the Pokkén Tournament Pro Pad on

Pokkén Tournament coming Spring 2016

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Pokkén Tournament is currently only playable in arcades in Japan, along with select locations in the United States for testing. The wait for the game won’t be too long,

Pokken, the Pokemon fighting game, gets new gameplay footage

Namco and Famitsu held a special preview of the much-anticipated Pokken Tournament, showing off a ton of new information and characters. The hour-long stream, moderated by Pokken producer Katsuhiro Harada, has various