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Interview with Brizzy Voices, cutesy impersonator extraordinaire

Here’s what you need to know about Brizzy Voices. She’s adorkable and does a lot of different impersonations from cartoons and video games like Pokemon, Rugrats, Mass Effect, Disney films, My

Nintendo is finally releasing a 3D Pokémon game

Pokémon X and Y will be the first main series game in the franchise to feature a complete 3D play, something I personally believe should have happened long ago. But

Official Pokédex for iOS: Is it a steal?

You have to admit that at one time or another you wanted to own your very own Pokémon. You wanted to have a grand adventure around the world, not go

Pokémon Black and White DVD review, episodes 1-12

As is customary with the release of a new Pokémon video game, the television series follows. The Unova region is ripe for adventure, and as always, Ash is prepared to

Ukiyo-e illustrations of video games

For those that don’t know what Ukiyo-e (pronounced ooh-key-yo-eh) is, it is a form of art in Japan using wood blocks. The name Ukiyo-e is translated in English as “pictures

The Magikarp vs Pikachu musical

The Magikarp may be the most useless Pokemon, but at least it’s getting some love in this musical by Random Encounters. Well, at least it’s being featured.

3DS Gets Its Pokemon On with ‘Pokemon Rumble Blast’

Just when you thought you caught them all, like the hundreds of thousands of discoveries of the rainforest, there are always more. Oh, but wait, these aren’t normal Pokemon. No…this

A New Way to Look at Pokemon

A lot of people, myself included, grew up playing, or at least watching others play Pokemon games. To us, Pokemon are the pets that our parents never allowed us to

Is There a New Pokemon Game on the Horizon?

According to a recent issue of the Dengeki Nintendo DS magazine, they will be making an announcement next month about a new Pokemon game. A Japanese Pokemon blog has broken

Pokémon Sells Nearly 2.5 Million Units in March

Nintendo has reported that the new Pokémon game has moved over a million units each of their black and white versions in the month of March.  Pokémon Black has moved

Review: Pokemon Black & White

As the newest generation in a long line of games, Pokemon Black & White has changed the face of the game. Although still on the old NDS system, instead of

A Look at the New Pokemon Black and White Movie Trailer from Japan

While everyone in the US is playing on their new copies of the new Black and White. Posted on the official Japanese Pokemon movie site are the new trailers for

New Pokemon Manga and New Series from Fullmetal Alchemist Author to debut in Shonen Sunday.

There will be a new Pokemon manga that is set to debut in the March 9th. This new manga, titled Pokemon RéBURST, will be geared towards an older audience and

New Pokemon Game for DS and More Pokemon Games in Development

A new Pokemon game will be coming for the Nintendo DS; however, unlike the standard Pokemon game, this one is a typing game. The game is titled Battle & Get!

Pokemon as you’ve never seen them before…….

As girls dressed in cosplay. Well, not really, they are actually drawn. I was amazed on how many Pokemon there is now. Last I remember there were only like 151

Preview: Pokemon Black & White

With the announcement of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White lets take a look at some of the new features in the games. First off, the game will introduce over 150

New Pokemon Anime Series Coming State Side

It has recently been confirmed that the new Pokemon: Black & White anime series will premier on Cartoon Network on February 12. Before the American premier of the new series,

Head Writer of the Pokemon TV Series Passes Away

Takeshi Shudo was the head writer for the series from 1997-2002. He also wrote the 3 first movies. Over the weekend, he was found collapsed at a train station in

Full Live Action Pokemon Trailer Revealed

Earlier this month there was leaked footage of a supposed live action Pokemon movie trailer released. Many creditable news sites suspected it was just a cheap ploy by the website

Pokemon Black & White has Gone Platinum During Pre-Sale in Japan

As a reflection on the success of the series, the newest pokemon game that is due out next month has already received over 1.08 million pre-order sales for both titles