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PS Vita idol game Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection coming later this year

Hyperdimension Neptunia is making its way to the PlayStation Vita, but this isn’t an RPG. What is it? It’s an idol game. Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection lets you choose your favorite

Aksys will localize BlazBlue Visual Novel XBlaze Code: Embryo

Aksys games announced today that it will be bringing the BlazeBlue spin-off, XBlaze Code: Embryo, to North America for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this Summer. Set in the

J-STARS Victory Vs brings characters from Weekly Shōnen Jump into battle

There were two awesome fighting games on the Nintendo 3DS that never came to the West, Jump Superstars and the sequel, Jump Ultimate Stars. It featured characters from popular Shonen Jump series including

Toukiden: The Age of Demons (PS Vita review)

When it comes to monster hunting games, Capcom has a big piece of the pie. Now Tecmo Koei has created its own monster hunting game with Toukiden: The Age of

Best Buy having a 2 for $25 sale on select PS3 and PS Vita games

If you are looking to expand your video game library for the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, Best Buy is having a buy 2 select titles for $25 dollars on

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita review)

  My high school years were pretty boring. I had good grades, hung out with friends, had my first crush, you know all the menial things that you expect to

Aksys localizing ‘Mind≒0’ for North America and Europe in 2014

Aksys Games has announced it will be releasing the PlayStation Vita RPG, Mind≒0, this Spring for both North America and Europe. The North American version will have both a retail

NIS America releasing Demon Gaze this April on PlayStation Vita

NIS America announced that it will be localizing Kadokawa Shoten’s dungeon-crawling RPG Demon Gaze on the PlayStation Vita in the US and Europe this April. Retailing for $39.99, Demon Gaze has you

Idea Factory bringing Monster Monpiece over to the West

Not your typical game in anyway, Idea Factory plans on releasing the PlayStation Vita card game, Monster Monpiece, over to the West and Europe in Spring 2014 via the PlayStation

Ys: Memories of Celceta (PS Vita Review)

Back in 1993, Ys IV was released for the PC Engine and Super Famicom under the titles, Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys and Ys IV: Mask of the Sun. It never

ATLUS announces Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Atlus and Spike Chunsoft are “in bed together” to release a brand new RPG with an interesting twist, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. While the first game never made it

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE coming in 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2014. ACE is an updated version of 2012’s Ragnarok Odyssey with all the original DLC that includes new

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate gameplay video

Tomorrow is the highly anticipated release of  Batman: Arkham Origins for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but that isn’t the only Batman game being released. While Warner Bros. Games

Real Boxing for the PlayStation Vita comes out swinging (review)

Real Boxing is the first boxing game developed for the PlayStation Vita by Vivid Games. Vivid also released Real Boxing for the PlayStation 3 late last year. The game runs

Sony Japan Studio shows off a ‘new’ Gravity Rush trailer

Gravity Rush was one reason to own a PlayStation Vita. It’s a game that took advantage of the Vita’s capabilities, mixing together with a clever story, touch screen game play with

Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV, allowing you to play Vita games on your TV

Sony  introduced the PlayStation Vita TV, a streaming device that allows you to stream things such as Hulu and Nico Nico Douga directly to your TV. Sounds like every other

XSEED announced Trails of the Sky SC coming to Vita and Steam in 2014

One of the toughest things to experience in any game are the ending cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen next. It does happen quite

Ys: Memories of Celceta coming this holiday season

Ys: Memories of Celceta was shown at E3 2013 at the Sony booth as well as the Marvelous USA booth with a TBD release date. I’ve had a chance to check it out,

The PlayStation Vita is coming at you for $199

During the Gamescom Sony press conference, it was announced that the PlayStation Vita will be getting a price cut of $199 in North America. Europeans will also get a price

Jak and Daxter Trilogy coming to Vita

That’s right, Jak and Daxter is coming to the PlayStation Vita, and in June no less! If you remember, Naughty Dog previously released an HD version of the Jak and Daxter