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Breath of Fire III PSP version coming to PlayStation Network

In a post on Capcom Unity, it’s been confirmed that the PlayStation Portable version of Breath of Fire III will be released next month for the price of $9.99 on

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live to be attacked on Christmas?

There’s something about DDOS attackers, video games and Christmas. Last year PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were attacked during Christmas, causing many players grief since they could not play or connect

Today only! 80+ PlayStation games on sale for $1

Sony is holding a Flash sale right now and over 80 different games are on sale for just 1 dollar. Hours and hours of entertainment, they range from PS1 classics

PlayStation Network goes down again

Here we go again. Reports are coming in that just around 10pm PT the PlayStation Network has gone down and gamers have not been able to log into the service. Some

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are powerless against DDOS Attacks

Around 12:30 am pacific time on Saturday, PlayStation’s official support page released an update saying that the network service was gradually going back online across all Sony platforms. Sony is

PlayStation Network and Xbox down on Christmas, entrepreneur pleaded to attackers

Christmas day is a day where kids and adults are excited to open gifts. A lot of them will be getting a brand new console like the Xbox One or PlayStation

Hacker group says it caused the PSN login error

I was trying to play Grand Theft Auto V online with my friends yesterday, but I was met with PSN connection errors. As it turns out, a hacker group is claiming

Strider 2 coming next week on PSN as a PSOne Classic

Fans of Strider can look forward to next week’s release as Capcom will be releasing Strider 2 as a PSOne Classic title. This means it can be played on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 on PSN next week

Last month Atlus released Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga on the PlayStation Network as a classic PlayStation 2 title. Well fans can rejoice as DDS 2 will arrive on June

PlayStation Network celebrates Golden Week Sale in North America

While Japan is celebrating Golden Week, the North American PlayStation Store is celebrating by featuring 24 games made in Japan. The selected games are up to 50% off the retail prices

Persona 4 will arrive on the PlayStation Network on April 8

Persona 4 will be arriving on the PlayStation Network next week as a PS2 classic starting next week on Tuesday, April 8th. Solve the mystery of the “Midnight Channel” and the

NIS America localizing PlayStation 3 Beat em’ up RPG, Battle Princess Of Arcadias

NIS America will be releasing side-scrolling beat-em-up action RPG Battle Princess Of Arcadias later this year. A PlayStation 3 exclusive game, it follows the story of Battle Princess Plume who sets out to free

Get a backstage look at the new Contrast trailer

Contrast is just a few short weeks from releasing on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and Steam. If you are a member of PlayStation Plus, you can be excited to

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 coming September 3rd on PSN

Last year Namco Bandai Games released One Piece: Pirate Warriors in both America and Europe (in Japan it is known as One Piece Kaizoku Musou, a Dynasty Warrior-themed game featuring the cast of One

PlayStation Network Plus vs. Xbox Live Version 2012

2012 is coming to an end. Some big things happened in the world of gaming with Nintendo releasing the Nintendo Wii U, Sony releasing the PS Vita, Halo 4, Assassin’s

E3 2012: Enemy Front

  Enemy Front is an FPS that takes you back to World War II. When I saw this game I first thought this was Medal of Honor from back in

E3 2012 Hands-on: DogFight 1942

In DogFight 1942 you will be taking on missions in the game. During those missions a dogfight can break out, and you will need to be on the lookout or

E3 2012 Hands on: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

  I never played the first game on this series, but after playing the demo on this one, I may have to. In this game, you are a sniper being

Sony Suspends 93,000 PSN Accounts After Possible Cyberattack

Now this is just getting ridiculous…really Sony, again? Well, technically Sony isn’t fully to blame on this one. The data breach was discovered when there was “large amounts” of unauthorized

Fallout: New Vegas ‘Gun Runner’ DLC Pack

You like Fallout? You like New Vegas? You like guns and explosives that will pop a mutant’s head off? Well then you my friend have just hit the jackpot! The