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Robot Chicken does PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Robot Chicken is a show aimed for nerds, especially nerds from the 80s. When PlayStation asked the Robot Chicken team, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, to do a 60-second TV spot for

DLC for PlayStation All-Stars announced

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has yet to be released, but it already has a DLC planned. The DLC introduces two new characters to the fight: Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves

New Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale trailer

PlayStation has released a trailer that shows almost all of the characters in the game. After watching this trailer it got me really excited. At first I was iffy on

PlayStation All-Stars LA BEATDOWN report and gallery

PlayStation and SuperBot Entertainment teamed up with iam8bit for their PlayStation All-Stars LA BEATDOWN event on Wednesday, October 24th. Gamers who attended the free event were able to play the

PlayStation Plus members to get PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta tomorrow

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, be lucky that you’ll have the chance to access the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta before everybody else on October 16th. The beta will

PaRappa designer not too pleased with PaRappa being in PS All-Stars

PaRappa the Rapper designer Rodney Greenblat shared his displeasure with PaRappa being in the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fighting game. Greenblat created the wacky visual style of the PaRappa

Gamescom: Sackboy, Dante, Spike, Ratchet and Clank revealed for PlayStation All-Stars

Four new characters have been revealed during Gamescom for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale including Dante from Devil May Cry, Sackboy from Little Big Planet, Spike from Ape Escape, Ratchet and