Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Review

Available now from NISA Price: $59.99 for the Premium Box Set System: PlayStation 3 When music meets an RPG you can get some pretty weird stuff, I don’t speak of

Are Consoles Becoming a Dying Breed Because of Emerging Mobile Technology?

  Peter Vesterbacka, the CEO for Angry Birds developer Rovio, made a bold statement this past week on an SXSW (South by South West) panel. To put it simple, he

The Fate of PS3s Rests in the Hands of European Judges

If you haven’t heard, LG and Sony have been duking it out because Sony needs to buy a license for the Blu-ray technology. So now new PlayStation 3 systems can’t

Sony Firmware 3.60 Update Is Here with Some New Features

The PlayStation Network was offline yesterday in order for Sony to prepare the new firmware 3.60 update for the PlayStation 3. Now the new update is available and with it

Save Your Game Online with PlayStation Plus

Well, here’s another incentive to become a PlayStation Plus member. Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus members will be able to save their games online. For $50 a year, you’ll

Plants versus Zombies for PSN REVIEW

To start off, Plants vs. Zombies is not new to me. I have played this before when it first came out on the iTouch. And I had a blast playing

Guitar Hero Getting Axed

Possibly one of the largest franchise back in 2005, the game created such a huge buzz among fans for being the first game using a guitar licensed in America. The

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Galactus Trailer and Character Health Chart

With one week left until the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Capcom has decided to give us some final news before the countless hours of

Ace Combat’s New Trailer Gets Up Close and Personal

NamcoBandai unveiled a new trailer for newest title in the Ace Combat franchise: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. This one features a new mechanic called Close Range Assault. It appears that

Namco Bandai Teases Tales of Grace F, Now with Vesperia PS3?!

In the past week, Namco Bandai’s Facebook Page has been posting a cryptic scrambled image almost every day on a strange URL www.ataleoftworichards.com. (Richard is a character in Tales of

PS3 Heavy Rain the Movie

According to Variety, writer David Milch (NYPD Blue and Deadwood) has been tapped to pen a film based on PS3 exclusive video game Heavy Rain.  With Milch on board as

Your Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer

Long in development and short on information, a new trailer arises for the highly anticipated Versus XIII. This game uses an Active Battle System used in Parasite Eve and made

2011 Is the Year of the PlayStation 3 Exclusives

This year is a pretty good year for being a gamer. We get the multi-platform games coming out for both Xbox 360 and PS3 like Batman: Arkham City, Dead Space

She-Hulk and Zero Join Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Roster

This morning, She-Hulk and Zero have joined the cast of MvC3. She-Hulk seems to be a slower, heavier hitter with air and ground command grabs, and a tricky wall jump

PS3 Version of Mass Effect 2 Will Have an Interactive Comic and DLC but no Mass Effect 1

In January 2011, Mass Effect 2 will finally be released onto the PS3, which is almost exactly one year after it launched on the Xbox and PC. A lot of

Playstation 3 Fans Treated to No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

Travis Touchdown has finally left the Nintendo Wii, which was amazing to see such a violent and gory game fit into Nintendo’s ideal for family gaming, but it was such

PS3 on Your Laptop/Desktop Computer? Possible!

Ever wonder how cool it would be to play your PS3 on your laptop or desktop? Well if you have a Sony Vaio computer/laptop like I do, you can. Sony