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The PlayStation 4 is already using PlayStation 2 emulation

Backwards compatibility is something we’ve always enjoyed seeing with newer consoles, but the PlayStation 4 seemed to remove all trace of that including being able to play PlayStation 1 or

Rumor – Sony’s PlayStation Now service to support PS1, PS2 games

How much would you pay for monthly access to a library of games from PS3, PS2 and PS1? Sony’s Playstation Now service allows users to stream games to their televisions,

GameStop to end PlayStation 2 trade-ins starting June 1

If you remember, Sony stopped PlayStation 2 production late last year in Japan, and that was after a 13-year run and over 150 million units shipped worldwide. Now the picture

PlayStation 4 announcement coming soon or something else?

  The PlayStation Facebook page has been putting out YouTube videos called “Evolution of PlayStation” the past few days. It all started with a post having people RSVP for a

PlayStation 2 discontinued in Japan

You would think with the success of the PlayStation 3 and rumors of a PlayStation 4 on the horizon, the PlayStation 2 would have retired a while ago, but you’d

Could we see a return of backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 3?

Remember the old days when Sony focused on “backwards¬†compatibility?” The PlayStation 2 not only allowed you to play PlayStation 1 games, but also music CDs and DVDs right out of