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Mile 22 Review

Pure action films are a dime-a-dozen in this day and age. Now, Hollywood’s version of an action film is a superhero film… Not that we’re complaining. However, it’s been a while

Rundown 2 director wants Jonah Hill opposite The Rock

During an interview between Collider and Deepwater, Horizon director Peter Berg revealed that he wants to do a sequel to his first film The Rundown. But the biggest change is that he wants

UFC champ Ronda Rousey joins The Raid star Iko Uwais in ‘Mile 22’

Bantamweight Woman’s Champion Ronda Rousey has just been added to Peter Berg’s upcoming action film, Mile 22. Rousey will star along side The Raid‘s lead actor Iko Uwais. “I am

Mark Wahlberg is going to be The Six Billion Dollar Man

After Lone Survivor, Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg will be teaming up once again for a new movie called The Six Billion Dollar Man, a film based on the 1970s

Battleship director blames The Avengers for its failure

It’s no secret around here that none of us at the NR HQ were at all looking forward to the live-action adaptation of the beloved Hasbro board game Battleship. The