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The wait is over. Doctor Who’s Petrichor is real

Petrichor: For the girl who is tired of waiting… Doctor Who fans! The wait is over! Now, you could get your hands on the perfume advertised by Amy Pond herself,

Perfume travels to US with 2nd tour -Cosmic Explorer-

It’s a strange sight to see in the heart of Koreatown when an entire block of it are patrons dressing in pink and blue neon colors and sporting short bobcuts and

Perfume announces 3rd World Tour that includes first US appearance

J-pop fans, this one is for you! Electropop band Perfume announced their third world tour with two of them being held in the United States for the first time! You

The Perfume UK Tour Live Viewing in LA Experience

The stage was pitch dark and I eagerly waiting. Suddenly a blast of beats fill the room and something wonderful happened. When the music began playing and three figures materialized

Preview: See J-POP Sensation Perfume’s UK Tour in theaters right here in LA

J-pop fans in L.A. get a special treat with the US Premiere of Perfume’s UK Tour in Downtown Los Angeles! Brought to us by LIVE VIEWING JAPAN, The screening will