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FEAR 3 Trailer – John Carpenter and Steve Niles Try to Horrify You

With John Carpenter (Halloween) directing the cut-scenes, and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) co-writing FEAR 3, horror fans just might have a new video game to look forward to

Team Fortress 2’s Charity Hats Bring in $300,000 For Japan

Just one week ago developer Valve offered up three different virtual hats for Team Fortress 2 with every bit of money going to aid Japan. The three hats were the:

DiRT 3 Trailer is Odd Yet Compelling – Slo-mo Big Air

The DiRT series is back, this time featuring the so-called Group B of rally cars that were banned in 1986 for having excessive amounts of fatal accidents because of their

New Hawken Mech FPS Gameplay – This Indie Game Will Blow Your Mind

If there were ever a good time to jump into the giant robot genre, now would be it. Hawken is probably the coolest looking mech game I’ve ever seen. The

Battlefield 3 – Bomb Defusing, and Melee Combat? Fault Line Episode 3 Trailer

This new Battlefield 3 trailer, “Fault Line: Episode 3”, finds our protagonist tasked with defusing a bomb. Just a little later in the video, there’s a melee combat sequence that

Star Wars: The Old Republic – a Jedi’s Gotta’ Start Somewhere

So, you think you’re just gonna’ mosey on into Star Wars: The Old Republic and impress everyone with your saber swingin’ skills? I don’t think so. You’ll start with one

Trine 2 Delayed Til’ Summer – Trailer Shows Off New Physics, Great Graphics

Trine 2 is a 2-D action game that also has platforming, puzzles, beautiful graphics, and the setting is one of fantasy. Slap on a 2 or 3-player cooperative mode and

Minecraft Documentary Backers Get Sweet Swag, Including Executive Producer Credit

A documentary called, “Minecraft: The Story of Mojang”, is in the works, and 2 Player Productions has found an interesting way to gather the funds necessary to make said documentary:

Minecraft Getting Wolf Pets Soon – Video Demo

If you’re the kind of person who likes Minecraft and packs of wolves who defend you from creepy creepers, now is the perfect time to be the kind of person

Battlefield 3 “Faultline” Episode 2 Shows the Proper Way to Take Out Snipers

Battlefield 3 has popped up on the internet again; this time with some sniper fire targeting the rooftop you and your squad are on. It really looks like Battefield 3

Early Bioshock Infinite Footage Shows Cool Hook-Sliding Gameplay at PAX East

It really doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve played the previous Bioshock games. Bioshock Infinite is a major force to be reckoned with. it’s an FPS with a strong cinematic

Homefront Launch Trailer – Defend America From North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Il’s son, Kim Jong-Un, is the leader of North Korea in this fictional story from Homefront. North Korea invades, and with how crazy North Korea is, I’m sure

Red Faction: Armageddon – Michael Bay Strikes Again!

This trailer is like Michael Bay, on a good day, after drinking a ton of Rockstar energy drinks. Like, seriously. This trailer is insane. Once it starts, it just doesn’t

Fight for the Galaxy in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

The Sith attack in this exciting new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO looming in the distance. There are a few quick glances of two flight sections,

First-Person Mech Game? Yes, Please – “Hawken” Unveiled

This new indie game, “Hawken“, might just hit that sweet spot and fill a void that’s all too often ignored – the giant robot genre. It’s really surprising to see

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Release Date and Augmented Edition Details

Hot off the presses, Deus Ex: Human Revolution finally has a release date in this crowded year. You can expect it to be released on August 25th, 2011, though that

Dragon Age 2 Launch Trailer – Claim Your Destiny

So, is everyone aware that Dragon Age 2 is coming out tomorrow, March 7th? To get everyone all riled up, Bioware has released an action-packed trailer full of golem-like creatures,

Can Homefront’s Multiplayer Sway You Away From Your Duty?

A new video of Homefront’s multiplayer is out, but does it seem a little too familiar? There are remote-controlled vehicles (including a flying one though), all of the feedback you

Leaked Battlefield 3 Footage From GDC

Did you enjoy that last official trailer for Battlefield 3 recently put out by EA? How about some unofficially leaked footage that gives a slightly blurrier view of the game,

Crysis 2 Trailer – Customize and Accessorize

Usually you’d be hearing about accessorizing in some kind of boutique for purses and whatnot, but in this case, it’s a little more manly. This new trailer for Crysis 2