Total War: Arena impressions

The Total War franchise has been around for quite some time and their games have usually been incredible. A majority of their previous titles can be loosely compared to Civilization. Whereas the Civilization games

Collector’s Edition of Doom comes with the Doom Skeletal Revenant!

If you’ve been gaming as long as I have, you should probably know of the game called Doom. This was one of the very first games that pioneered the FPS genre for

Square Enix Surprise Box gives you 5 mystery PC titles for only $9.99

It’s the season to buy games for the cheapest possible price, at least to tide you over until the next big release. What about spending $9.99 for five mystery Square Enix

Hi-Rez Studios is offering free classic PC Games for download!

If you’ve been a gamer as long as us most of us here at Nerd Reactor, then your repertoire of gaming experience isn’t just isolated to one platform. That would

Is Mafia III in production?

If you’ve been playing the Mafia video game series since the beginning, you’re in for a treat because it looks like there’s been a hint of Mafia III being in

Inside Planetside 2 with creative designer Matt Higby

You’ve been waiting for it, preparing, anticipating, and now loving Planetside 2, the MMOFPS from Sony Online Entertainment. Planetside 2 for the unaware is a science fiction themed massive scale

Review: Clan of Champions

With the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre exploding, many new, innovative and highly addictive titles have emerged into the limelight to capture, entertain, and entice us into purchases. Unfortunately,

Must see League of Legends videos

With the burst of League of Legends popularity over the last couple years, many have begun creating Machinema, or Video Game Movies, with a wide array of focuses. Such names

Diablo 3: Digital Farmwars

Blizzard has once again taken digital addiction to the next level. World of Warcraft has always been plagued by those who are lovingly (sarcasm) called “Chinese” Farmers. Now don’t get

Free 8-bit Ninja Game On PC? Ninja Senki’s Got You Covered

If you like Mega Man, or anything that’s similar to it, you ought to check out Ninja Senki; it’s a new game from the developer who created “Scott Pilgrim vs

Diablo 3 Gameplay and the 5th Class Revealed

As many of you know yesterday was opening day at BlizzCon. You can read about my day here. This post is mainly focused on the gameplay of Diablo 3. Diablo 3