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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Blu-ray Review

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits stores on May 16th. Believe it or not, the Resident Evil film franchise has been around for 15 years now. As the subtitle implies, Resident

Pompeii teaser trailer looks promising

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Kit Harington knows a thing or two, especially in regards to getting ripped. He is starring in the upcoming film Pompeii as a slave

The Bastard of the North, Kit Harington, gets in shape for Paul W.S. Anderson’s ‘Pompeii’

While Game of Thrones is prepping up for the next season, Jon Snow actor Kit Harington’s got some time to kill. You’ll be seeing him in Paul W.S. Anderson’s upcoming movie,

Aww crap! Paul W.S. Anderson is at it again with Resident Evil 6

It’s been reported that Screen Gems is planning to release the sixth Resident Evil movie on September 12th, 2014, with Paul W.S. Anderson back at the helm. What!? Stop supporting Paul

Resident Evil’s Paul W.S. Anderson Disses Other Video Game Directors

As much as I hate the Resident Evil film franchise, it’s still successful and has a fifth movie in the works. My main reason for disliking the films is the