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Let’s celebrate the Juno orbit with a game

We all know that today is the Fourth of July, but even better, Juno comes into orbit with Jupiter today. Awhile back, we talked about how close we were getting

YouTube Space LA – Halloween 2014

This lovely October, some members of NR and myself were lucky enough to attend the Halloween party at YouTube Space LA. Apparently, the entire set was designed by Guillermo Del

The Los Angeles Vampire Masquerade

Want to take a bite of this Halloween season? Well now is your chance. The L.A. Vampire Masquerade is coming to The Mansion in Bellflower, CA, on Friday, October 17th

GoFreakMedia presents: Hot Sexy Cosplay Live: An Erotic Costume Ball at Comic Con!

Going to Comic Con? Do you have any plans for Thursday night, July 18th, of Comic Con? Well, we have an event for you! GoFreakMedia is holding an Erotic Costume

Blizzard’s Heart Of The Swarm: Global launch party detected!

Love Starcraft 2? Enjoy partying with fellow fanatics Hive Mind style? Well on March 11th Blizzard will be holding its global launch party in 9 locations across US, France, Australia, South

Sega hosting a Sonic Boom Party at Comic Con 2012

Last year at E3 2011, Sega showed off the much-anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog game with Sonic Generations. It featured past and present Sonic and was one of the best Sonic

Party with PlayStation and Capcom at the VGAs Viewing Party This Saturday

The Spike TV Video Game Awards is coming up this Saturday on December 11, 2010, and what better way to catch the event than to watch it with your fellow