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This Walking Dead cosplay video makes Maroon 5 tolerable

One of the growing trends of the past few years has been the relationship between cosplayers and filmmakers. Cosplayers are crazy people always looking for cameras to show off their

Fruit Ninja live-action short brings the wub wub

A new interesting video has popped online this week from famed Youtuber ScottDW. You may remember Scott for his famous video of kittens being hurdle into the air to the

Batman rages all over Robin’s nipples in The Dark Knight Rages

It’s no secret that the watchful protector of Gotham City has some anger issues. Maybe he needs counseling? Maybe he just needs a hug? The last thing he needs is

“Roll a D6” Brings the Party to the Tabletop

Do you play D&D? Do you LARP? Then surely you must’ve listened to Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” before right? Well, this one’s for you. Conner Anderson and Broken

Old Spice Resident Evil Style

“Look down, now look back up.  You’re on a volcano, with the man your man could kill like.” It looks like Albert Wesker has been moonlighting by doing Old Spice